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Greater effect of wind power

When wind turbines produce power, it must to be used immediately, and since the amount of power from wind turbines varies greatly depending on the wind conditions, Denmark must regularly sell surplus CO2 neutral power to foreign markets at spot price.

With micro combined heat and power units, Denmark would be able to compensate for the variations in the wind turbines' production. The units can be set up to produce power when the wind turbines stand still, and then stop again when they are turning.

The power generated by wind turbines could also be converted into hydrogen, which is used in micro combined heat and power units. This means that the micro combined heat and power units could store the wind turbines' power until it is needed.

In this way, the micro combined heat and power units can improve the effect of the wind turbines, which would help speed Denmark along the road to independence from fossil fuels such as coal and oil.

Research on simultaneous production with wind turbines is being coordinated by the Virtual Power Plant project, which is currently being developed in cooperation with DTU and is sponsored by