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Several thousand Danish jobs

Danish Micro Combined Heat and Power is working to develop and demonstrate micro combined heat and power units with the aim of marketing for consumers in Denmark and abroad.

The potential target group is considerable. Both in Denmark and abroad, domestic energy of thousands of households is generated on an individual basis, which is both inefficient and CO2-heavy.

Danish Micro Combined Heat and Power therefore represents a massive growth opportunity for the Danish energy technology sector.

Already at this early stage, 100-150 Danes are working on micro combined heat and power. This number is expected to increase to several thousand knowledge-based jobs when the technology is further developed and marketed in the coming years.

At the same time, micro combined heat and power will make Denmark more self-sufficient in terms of energy and thereby less dependent on expensive, limited oil supplies.

  • Cooperation with universities
    Danish Micro Combined Heat and Power has the potential to create several thousand new Danish knowledge-based jobs.

    Danish Micro Combined Heat and Power's companies are therefore cooperating with Aalborg University, the University of Southern Denmark, and The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), which means that engineers with competencies within the technology are already being educated at this moment in time.